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FraudGuardiance™: Cash-Desk's Proven Fraud Prevention System

FraudGuardiance is a proven fraud prevention solution that merges traditional fraud prevention methods by automatically and transparently gathering information from multiple sources and transforming that information into actionable intelligence, helping us to make accurate decisions about accepting payments. The rules we apply are customizable to your specification, with a robust feature set that tailors our behavior to your business needs.

Fraud Score Engine: the heart of the system
Our fraud score engine compares user payment and historical information, manages changes in purchasing patterns, analyzes the transaction using multiple methods, and determines the fraud risk based on your need.

In addition to our proprietary algorithms and employment of several years of payment processing history and experience, FraudGuardiance incorporates a robust feature set that includes device fingerprinting, velocity throttling for customers and devices (computers), geo-location, circle-of-trust radius evaluation, and other techniques and technologies.

Maximize your profits.
FraudGuardiance reduces loss of product and revenues due to fraud and reduces the processing costs associated with fraud investigation without introducing costly manual reviews. It comes free as part of your Cash-Desk processing.

Never turn away customers.
With FraudGuardiance and Cash-Desk, you stop turning away high-risk customers. You gain the ability to convert those customers by accepting alternate forms of payment through Cash-Desk. This way you can also reach another section of customers who want to pay more for your goods, and your competitors who might not be able to accept payments from.

Proven track record of fraud prevention.
FraudGuardiance's core functionality evolved from Cash-Desk's many years of experience processing millions of online payments annually. Ours is the only service that's financially incented to protect you from fraud, and financially penalized if we don't. FraudGuardiance has reduced fraud rates for some merchants from spikes of 6%, 8% and even 40% to less than 0.5%. Many high risk merchants accept even high-risk payment methods through Cash-Desk while maintaining fraud rates below 0.2%.

Customizable fraud detection rules.
Every rule FraudGuardiance uses to evaluate fraud can be customized to meet your unique risk/reach ratio based on your experience with your customers. But best of all, you can simply let Cash-Desk manage this for you transparently. You get to focus on selling your products or your content; Cash-Desk handles your payments and fraud protection.