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Customer Service
Cash-Desk is always happy to help you solve all payment related problems. It is our pleasure to help you with any Cash-Desk® customer support inquiries you might have.

Contact Customer Service

Customer inquiries are processed during our normal operating hours,

English Customer Services: 24/7 None-stop

French Speaking Customer Services: 9:00am-5:00pm European Time

German Speaking Customer Services: 9:00am-5:00pm European Time

If we cannot answer your question via email or livechat, we'll give you a call to get clarification on your problem and get you the solution you need.

Alternately, you can simply reply to the order confirmation email we sent you after your payment or order is made. Our support staff can often answer email within 30 minutes during our working hours.

Merchant Inquiries
If you a merchant seeking an easy revenue increase, we could be your payment service center for your site or your store, make it easier to customers around the world. To make almost no resources requirement on your payment integration and updates, changes to your customer service policies, or transaction fees! We do the work of handling the "hard" payment options for you.

You can explore Cash-Desk by going to our Merchant Benefits pages, reading our Cash-Desk® Whitepaper, or by using our Merchant Signup Form.

Contact Us By Mail

Cash Safebay LLC,
108 West13th Street,
Wilmington, DE 19801