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Cash-Desk Codes™

What Is A "Cash-Desk Code™"?

A Cash-Desk Code is a 16-digit, single-use number that can be entered on a merchant or game site's checkout page to pay for goods or services on that site. It's entered into the same space as a credit card and just as easy to use when making a purchase.

How Do I Get and Use A Cash-Desk Code?
  1. Choose to buy something from a merchant that accepts payment via Cash-Desk Codes.
  2. Click on the "Cash-Desk" or "Use A Cash-Desk Code" button on the merchant's checkout page.
  3. That will send you to the Cash-Desk site where you can choose your payment method and send your payment to Cash-Desk.
  4. When Cash-Desk receives your payment, they will email you instructions for picking up your Cash-Desk Code.
  5. Follow the instructions to come back to the Cash-Desk site, login, and get your Cash-Desk Code number.
  6. Simply go back to the merchant's site, re-enter or re-load your cart, and check out. In the space where you would enter a credit card, choose "Cash-Desk Code" and enter the Cash-Desk Code information that we give you.
  7. Submit the order. That's it- transaction complete!
What information comes with a Cash-Desk Code?
  1. The code number. This is a sixteen digit number that is tied to your Cash-Desk Code balance. It's good for one use.
  2. An expiration date: You must use the code by this date! Remember: The Cash-Desk Code is to be used for a single transaction that should use the entire amount of money attached to the code.
  3. Address information. Depending on the requirements of the merchant you're making your purchase from, we'll either give you a Cash-Desk address to use, or this will list your true shipping address. If you're buying something that will be delivered to you, make sure this true address is your correct one!
  4. Security code (sometimes called CVM or CVV2 code): This is a 3-digit code that helps protect your card from being used by someone else.
What should I do if I have a problem with my Cash-Desk Code or need help using it?

Please contact us at our Customer Help Site. Our customer support staff is waiting to assist you. They will respond to you as soon as possible. This is usually before the next day, we try hard to get back to you within 8 business hours!